Thursday, November 24, 2011

Welcome NIKKEI Japan Report to the Synthetic Information Blog Family

Take an in-depth look at the Japanese Economy (and be amazed.)

NIKKEI Japan Report sets the standard of excellence for English Language News from Japan.

We will periodically add new and old NIKKEI Japan Report broadcasts as they become available.

Featured interviews with 
Mr. Masahiro Sakane, Chairman of Komatsu

Mr. Masatoshi Ito, President of Ajinomoto

Tokyo Stock Exchange President and CEO Mr. Atsushi Saito

Program hostess: NIKKEI Japan Report correspondent Makiko Utsuda 

In Report No. 31 The recovery of business and humanity in the aftermath of the great tsunami of 2011. These real life stories of heroic people who come back from disaster will touch your emotions and inspire hope.

NIKKEI Japan Report No. 31

NIKKEI Japan Report No. 29

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