Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bing Shows Steady After Initial Surge

Update July 11, 2009 Auditioning Bing

Bing achieves steady share of search market after initial surge.

First, let me say that I started using Bing as my home page search engine in early June. Initially I did this to test, evaluate, and contrast Bing and Google. After a few days of testing I posted my observations and initial impressions on this site (see previous posts here.) The conclusion of my evaluation? I was happy enough with Bing to leave it as my home page search engine. And I continued using Bing as my main search tool up to the present.

Bing’s search performance seems comparable to Google. Such is my experience to date. I am happy with Bing because of a few simple user-interface-experience features. Bing simply has a nicer look and feel than Google. In short, I found that I had no reason to switch back to Google, and didn’t.

How is Bing doing in the market? After an initial surge to a 16% share of daily searches, Bing settled down to a 10% share through June. On July 8,9 Bing usage surged again to pass Yahoo Search and capture a 12.9% share. These statistics come from StatCounter GlobalStats. Analysis posted on TechCrunch suggests that Bing's latest bump-up in search traffic was largely captured from Google. Interesting.

The outlook? It seems that Google is going to be solidly in first place at ~ 75% search traffic share for the foreseeable future.

This picture might change if Google users continue to switch to Bing at a sustained rate. Should trend spotters see Bing’s market share continuing to grow at Google’s expense over the coming 6 months, Google would have a big problem.

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